31 de mai de 2011

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Welcome to

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DJ Vadim began a record label back in the early 90's. It's name was Jazz Fudge, and Vadim released his early records through the label, along with groundbreaking works from cutting edge artists of the day. Vadim was quickly noticed by a young record label called Ninja Tune, who picked him up and planted him alongside other artists on the label for the ride of his life.

One of the rising stars of this burgeoning label, Vadim toured continuously, DJing and collaborating all over the world, picking up musicians, vocalists and rappers who became known as The Russian Percussion. To list just a few of these artists - Kila Kella, Mr Thing, Phi Life Cypher, Task Force, Blu Rum 13, Yarah Bravo, DJ Woody... A who's who of the UK Hip Hop underground.

In the early 2000's, Vadim started a group with Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13 on Ninja Tune - One Self, who performed more than 300 times around the world over 3 years, and released the critically acclaimed - Children Of Possibility album in 2002.

Vadim moved from Ninja Tune to explore pastures new, to our friends at the awesome BBE Records (home of Jazzy Jeff, D Dilla and loads of other great hip hop and beats artists), where 2 further albums were released along with huge international tours, and we find ourselves at 2010. A new group has formed on the road, The Electric.

With whom to release the record?

Times are different, and it seemed like a sensible option to establish a label of our own, and Vadim and Yarah set about gathering some friends to make this a reality.

I hear some of you say with some irony 'a sensible time to start a label?'

Well, we have a team, a name, logo, headquarters, a mission statement and a will. We want immediacy with our music. With bigger labels it's often a case of finishing an album and then waiting for a gap in the schedule. When we finish an album, we want to get it out there and hit the road, then come home and do it all over again.

"And what about piracy, the massive problems in the economy, the fact that people don't buy their music?"

Well, Organically Grown Sounds provides a label for us to be creative, run things in a new way, utalise the web, touring, a network of creative people around the world and a multitude of possibilites. And so Organically Grown Sounds is born, creating musical offspring to the world. Fingers crossed, people like the music, they buy some albums, they come to some shows and maybe buy a teeshirt. That way we're able to fertilise more organically grown sounds.

Our philosophy is:

"Well, you'll have to wait for that one, it's late, I've got to get up in the morning and I still have a lot of pages to complete."


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