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Reef The Lost Cauze 

Nome : Sharif Talib Lacey
Conhecido como: Sharif - Reef - Lost Cauze
Nascimento : 1981
Base de operação : Philadelphia.
Inicio : 1998
Selos : Babygarnde - Good Hands

"And I pray ya, don't think God'll save ya
Heavy metal shit, metal clip, chrome
Slayer I'll blaze ya
Feed you to a swarm of gators /
I'm with King Jus No hey ya hey ya
We started out minor now we fucking up the majors
Only crew close to AOTP Al-Qaeda Face scrape ya,
Off the bottom of my Blazers
With more clips than a babershop hand razor"

Leeroy Kesiah

Nome : Khalid Dehbi (Marrocos)
Conhecido como: Leeroy Kesiah
Nascimento :1978
Base de operação : França
Inicio : 1994
Grupos : Saian Supa Crew  - Explicit Samourai

"Alors toi t'es con, puis t'es laid
Comme eux, ceux qui aiment pas les bicots, butez-les
Tous, plus qu'illico, foutez-les
Par terre puis, tous, piétinez-les
T'façon, le raciste
C'est le gars borné qui aime pas Rachid
Ca joue les fascistes
Mais crois-moi, dans le fond, 

Ca kiffe l'huile d'arachide"

 Percee P

Nome : John Percy Simon
Conhecido como: The Rhyme Inspector
Nascimento : 1969

Inicio : 1988
Base de operação : New York
Selos : Stone Throw

"Fast or slow pace my flow lace 
tracks this cat’ll throw bass
And don’t waste steps and go chase 

broads to no place
Master streets, impress the freaks, 

pimps dressed for weeks
Hoes left to me I guess to cheat 

and test the sheets
Ripping shows from here to Britain yo I’m hitting hoes
Skipping those women that sniffin' blow 

and not getting dough
First degree murder rhymes 

disturbing mind like urban lies
And quote words only science to Percee P
Amateurs know they can’t stand with the pro
My Los Angeles flow cause damages most scandalous foes better handle it yo "

Gift Of Gab

Nome : Timothy Parker
Conhecido como: Gift - GG
Nascimento : 1971
Base de operação : Bay Area - California
Inicio : 1993
Grupos : Blackalicious - Quannum Projects (selo também)

"Rhyming and dominate prominent ominous flows
Ominous rhyming and shining the time it is club
Diving and hiding they thriving it's marvelous so
Obvious y'all be as down to this party in y'all
Intimate sentences entering infinite kaka
Tangents and ligaments bend and extend in your chakras" 

Q Unique

Nome : Anthony Quilles (Porto Rico)
Conhecido como: Q
Nascimento : 19?? - Brooklyn
Base de operação : Nova York

Inicio : 1992
Grupos : The Arsonists - Stillwell (banda de rock) - The Rock Steady Crew (breaking)

"As soon as you spit your first verse 
these playa's are gonna hate
In my case from out the gate they couldn't wait
So fuck ya'll ignorant little pricks
I won't flush apologies twice, 

cause I really couldn't give 2 shits
I was speakin' well to some A&R sleeper from hell
Said he could but Peurticans wouldn't sell
Sell this motherfucker"


El B

Nome : Bian Oscar Rodrigues Gala
Conhecido como: B - Bian -
Nascimento : 1984
Base de operação : Cuba

Inicio : anos 90
Grupos : Los Aldeanos

Quieres realidad en tu show invítame pero te advierto
El publico se ira preguntando de quien era el concierto?
En eventos de fiestas y mi nombre hac q el nivel suba
2 títulos en el bolsillo y freestalyando a media cuba
Tengo mucho rap q hacer No tiempo para falacias
Tu representas aun barrio yo a toda una galaxia
Y es q esta mierda aquí consta de dos etapas si
Una estantes y la otra después de aldeano y el b


Nome : Chad Bromley
Conhecido como: Alien Tongue
Nascimento : 1979
Base de operação : Connecticut

Inicio : 1994
Grupos : Demingodz - Army of the Pharaohs - Get Busy Committee

"I got an appetite for destruction, Ap is back
Murder beats, get hoes, there's an app for that
Grab the battle axe, jacked X-Clan’s pink Cadillac
(Sissy!) I'm a Garbage Pail Kid doing the Cabbage Patch
Play chief, get shot with a stray arrow

You suckers imitate more rappers than Jay Pharoah"

One Be Lo


Nome :  Roland Scruggs e depois batizado como Nahsid Sulaiman
Conhecido como:One Man Army - The Anonymous - Rahlo - Boy 1 Da - Lofat - Lo Be One Kinobi - General SUBliminal - Teknik e Mr. Hyde
Nascimento : 1976
Base de operação : Michigan

Inicio : 1998
Grupos : Binary Star - Massive Monkeys (breaking)

We don't procrastinate, how many times I got to say to you
We ain't the type of cats that only talk about what they would do
For years we've been paying dues, staying true
To our self, while we making moves, thank God we made it through
Won't stop until I do what I came to do
Kick a flow and get the dough, that's just to name a few
Now every rhyme I say to you is here to stay with you
We stick in your head like it was said with the crazy glue
You wanna battle
One Be Lo is not afraid of you
I could care less about your reputation
Even though it maybe true
The truth is Subterraneous your favourite crew
And all them non-believing cats that came with you
Can catch the vapors too
I rock their minds like the slingshot of David do
Liver than Pay-Per-View
You couch potatoes don't believe me, call the cable crew
Everytime I bust kids think they on their way to school
This grown man ain't got no time to play with you
Theresa didn't raise a fool
Tried to play me Glenn Close, nah, we can't be cool
Cause I'll be damned if I let it be a Deja Vu



Nome : Pedro Antonio Rojas Jr.
Pai Cubano e mãe Colombiana
Conhecido como: Peter Anthony Red - Tony - Tonee
Nascimento : 1976
Base de operação : Nova York

Inicio : 1993
Selo :Qn5 Music

"Yo, first I sprinkle a verse
By adding words, rhymes
Flippin 'em in to a verse with lines
Then ima hit 'em with spurts rhyme
Then ima let 'em and split 'em and add
Feelin my wrath
Vagrantly depart to the south so dirty
You want to be given a bath
Give it a pathelogical lie to deny that i'm nice
And the truth hurts (ow)
Wearin' a blue shirt the best buy for the price
Figure, Six guys this live and nice on the mic
So don't dis us because we're fly,
Until you try what it's like
I'm liable to Slice at these emcee bastards
Leaving their knees fractured
Needing every peice of their teeth re-crafted
So don't front 'cause I see past it
You're harmless like wolverines adamantium claws
Yhen they're retracted
The scene's backlit,
It seems static will wreack havoc
A beat battered, I'll keep rappin'
In leech battle, will dreams shatter
In three nanoseconds (damn)
Count your patients, One step to Tonedeff
You're gone in sixty seconds like (?)


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